Auto Insurance

We offer personal and business auto insurance for all drivers, regardless of driving history. We even have additional coverages available such as:

  • Travel interruption
  • New vehicle replacement
  • Auto loan/lease
  • Pet injury/accidental pet death benefit
  • GPS theft benefit and more.

Understanding Basic Auto Insurance Coverage

Collision coverage. This portion of your policy covers repairs to your car after an accident, no matter who caused it. If your car is completely destroyed, this coverage can be a lifesaver, and if your car is financed, in some cases, it will help you pay off your loan. Collision insurance is generally written to cover the fair market or book value of your car. If your car has still has significant value, you should certainly consider this type of coverage. However, if your car is older with a low market value, it may not be as beneficial.

Comprehensive coverage. This portion of your insurance covers damage to your car as a result of random acts like fire, theft, floods, hail damage, vandalism and even damages caused by road hazards. Comprehensive coverage also covers glass breakage. The amount of comprehensive coverage you need is also determined by the value of your car. Many drivers choose to keep comprehensive coverage on less valuable cars even if they drop collision coverage. Not only is it typically less expensive than collision coverage, but it offers protection for many of the events outside our control. 

Auto liability coverage. This type of coverage is absolutely essential, and is required to be compliant with the mandatory insurance laws governed by the state. If you cause an accident with your vehicle and injure someone or damage their property, auto liability insurance will pay the injured person's medical and repair expenses. Also, if a driver that is uninsured or underinsured hurts you, your policy will pay for your expenses. This portion of your policy cost is usually the greatest, but it's also required by most states.

Although each state has their own mandatory insurance laws in place with minimum liability limits they deem to be necessary to  meet their minimum requirement we often recommend that you consider higher liability limits than the mandatory limits.  If adequate liability limits are not carried you are leaving yourself at risk of losing assets such as your home or investments by not being well protected.  

Contact us to discuss all of your auto insurance options. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and help you find the right coverage for your needs.