Protect Your Business: Fraud Prevention & Secure Banking Solutions

At Marine Bank, we understand the hard work you put into ensuring your business runs smoothly. However, scammers can threaten your reputation and bottom line. Protect your business by investing in security features and following these essential tips: 

Be Tech-Savvy

Do not trust caller ID, avoid opening attachments or downloading files from unexpected emails, and secure your business's files, passwords, and financial information. 

Research First

Verify the legitimacy of new companies before doing business with them.

Train Your Employees

Educate your employees about common scams and train them never to send passwords or sensitive information via email.

Verify Invoices & Payments

Scrutinize all invoices closely, implement clear procedures for approving expenditures, and be cautious about payment requests and methods.

Account protection is a 24/7 job, and at MBT, we take it seriously. We offer products and services to make safeguarding your business easier: 

  • Online Cash Management with strategic user controls and verification protection
  • Check & ACH Positive Pay to detect suspicious transactions 
  • Card Control for your Business Debit & Credit Cards and more!

Contact us today to learn how you can best protect your business's finances.